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Bountiful Lyrics Of Goodness

Chi & Compassion

Feng Shui is about the study of Chi – ‘life force energy’ – we all have Chi energy, both within us and around us all the time. Sometimes Chi changes – whether we like it or not. Take the weather for example: hot/cold, rainy/sunny etc. With regard to weather we have...

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Inspiration or Clutter

I love inspiring quotes and words of wisdom to lift my spirits and keep me on track. When I find one I love I write it on a post it note or cut it out of a magazine and stick it around my office. Sometimes it goes on my lamp, on a favorite painting and mostly around...

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Recognizing Change

Here’s a (Feng Shui) fact: Change will occur in our life after we have made modifications to our surroundings. The same happens when we alter our thinking. And guess what? We may not recognize what has come about as a result of these changes. It’s true we are taught...

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Dichotomy of Change

Everyone I know talks about wanting change. Usually we are talking about politics, neighbors, climate, friends, a spouse or even about Self. It’s very easy to say how someone or something outside of Self needs to change. Yet, when approached with ideas of how to...

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Change Can Be Challenging

Feng Shui recognizes change as a normal part of life and offers help with the challenges of making change. Using Feng Shui adjustments we design changes into our homes and offices, changes that support our goals. Years ago I had a client whose children would get into...

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Change, Choices & Chi

Isn’t it true that LIFE is full of Change, Choices, and Chi? The only word you might not know there is Chi – it is a Chinese word that translates loosely to Energy. It is also referred to as ‘cosmic energy’ and ‘life force’. Chi is the invisible energy that animates...

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