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The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it

—Chinese Proverb


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I asked Samantha to help me because I felt like my life and home were in total disarray, that I was stuck because the flow of energy was blocked. I was, in fact, immobilized in many areas. The moment Samantha started arranging my home I felt a great weight lift. The very next day, I had a sudden insight about a business problem that had plagued me for months and implemented that solution, which was a major breakthrough. I thought that solving this problem would cost thousands of dollars, but as it turned out, I already owned the software solution, so it cost me nothing! To me, these are results that matter.

Nancy L Baumann
The Book Professor |

I basically had no clue what FS is, I can’t really say now that I could clearly define it to someone else … I was referred to Samantha by a woman I respect and trust and I couldn’t be happier. My first glimpse at the flexibility and compassion of Samantha came in my first phone call…she acknowledged and validated my concerns and offered me solutions I could live with. I have, and continue to, refer Samantha to anyone. When you are ready to receive change in your life, she can help you make it happen.

Lisa Schuler
President / Life Coach

Samantha dispels the ‘woo-woo” myth of Feng Shui….creating a “wow-wow” experience instead. We use Samantha’s expertise in both our home and office spaces, and have seen some amazing results. At one point, in addition to helping us de-clutter and organize our office, she had us move a scanner off of a desk into a less-conspicuous, more easily accessible location. Within an hour of her leaving, we had three clients contact us, asking if they could pay us NOW rather than waiting for an invoice. Call it what you may, but for me, THAT was a “WOW”

Cathy Davis,

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.

—Karen Kaiser Clark

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