Change Can Be Challenging

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Feng Shui recognizes change as a normal part of life and offers help with the challenges of making change. Using Feng Shui adjustments we design changes into our homes and offices, changes that support our goals.

Years ago I had a client whose children would get into arguments when in their play room, and later, they just abandoned playing there.

The parents tried everything – but the children no longer wanted to play in that room. Toys, games, a slide, table for puzzles or drawing, mirror, and play clothes were talking to them at once, “Play with me… play with me!”

The room was so full the space felt overwhelming. It was even difficult for the children to move and the glut of activity choices was making them cranky. And they definitely couldn’t hear Mom’s pleas to behave and play nice.

Luckily the solutions were simple: Simplify, simplify, and open up the space:

  1. Get selective about which toys, games & activities would stay in that room
  2. Set up a separate play area in another part of the house (one space for cozy activities and one for more boisterous play)
  3. Donate toys the children had outgrown to charities and to younger friends

These simple adjustments provided the open space that the kids needed to play freely and to express their natural creativity.

Often we feel more is better – we want to give our children all we can.

It is a challenge for parents to change this way of thinking, this way of showing love. Until these parents saw the change in their children’s behavior they were doubtful.

This simple experiment convinced the parents that change, though it seemed challenging at the start, was very helpful and a concept they could embrace for the future too.



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