Change, Choices & Chi

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Isn’t it true that LIFE is full of Change, Choices, and Chi?

The only word you might not know there is Chi – it is a Chinese word that translates loosely to Energy. It is also referred to as ‘cosmic energy’ and ‘life force’.

Chi is the invisible energy that animates us, surrounds us and is in everything – as Einstein also stated. So a blog about the Feng Shui philosophy of Choices, Change and Chi is just like a delicious trip to the ice cream store? Just like in the ice cream store you have a multitude of delectable choices to make going forward in the Feng Shui workshop.

Change Occurs Every Day

Simple change occurs every day and certainly over our lifetime. Some change is happy, desired, welcomed, and normal yet other change can be challenging.

Learning to use a new phone or computer upgrade is welcome – but may take time. Learning a new skill and advancing in our career makes positive change happen in our life.

We change as we age, and so do our children – its normal, fascinating and fun. Yet these changes require different thinking as well as physical changes in our surroundings.

In Feng Shui the goal is always to guide, inspire and facilitate life’s changes for a positive outcome. Like the Ice Cream store – we can change our flavor, toppings, cone or bowl as our Chi moves us.

A Source of Wisdom

Because Feng Shui encompasses wisdom for all aspects and phases of our lives it provides a rich array of choices to help you design your home, plan your business, find a partner, enhance your romance, guide your career choices and success, find helpful people whenever you like, channel your children’s growth to maturity, enhance your health, promote your status, become famous, and encounter abundance in all facets of your life.

Chi is fascinating. It is the flow of life.

We can actively change the chi of a space by changing the furniture, accessories, colors, arrangement of the furnishings, the lighting and more. These changes when done to your taste will entice you to smile and feel at home, or energized to get down to work.

Chi is in our body and we can change our chi by exercising, meditating and sleeping. And having an ice cream treat can boost our feel good chi.

Ice Cream Treats

When I saw the photo of choosing an ice cream treat it reminded me of the fun, unique and even colorful options I had to choose from since I began using Feng Shui philosophy in my life.

These choices have positively changed my outlook, style, energy, vision and my world.

My wish in writing this blog is to share information and show you real life examples of what Feng Shui can do for you. You will see that Changing Spaces can and does Change Lives.

I want you to be inspired to try new ways to make changes and solve challenges in your life. You can change your world and your possibilities.

Don’t wait for the crowd – start today.


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  1. Dana Watkins Mullins LMT

    Your consultations and expertise have been so beneficial for the growth of my business. I’m so happy you started blogging so I can follow you and do mini tune-ups as needed. You always keep me on track! I’m Looking forward to future posts.


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