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by | Aug 14, 2017 | Change, Energy, Relationships

Feng Shui is about the study of Chi – ‘life force energy’ – we all have Chi energy, both within us and around us all the time.

Sometimes Chi changes – whether we like it or not. Take the weather for example: hot/cold, rainy/sunny etc. With regard to weather we have little to say, so we do something about it to adapt. We may change our clothes, our attitude, our mood (our Chi’) and go about our day.

This summer my spouse and I moved from the normally quite hot and humid mid-west to the normally cooler and wetter Pacific Northwest.

Well, guess what? We moved and so did the weather.

We went west and the mid-west weather came with us. Not what we expected!

Our friends back in St. Louis are happy with their current cooler weather. Our new acquaintances in Oregon are rather unhappy with us bringing the sweltering weather along with us (they’re actually not blaming us, of course). We understand. We’re pretty surprised about the unseasonably hot weather, too. And not so happy either! The sweltering high temperatures feel like heavy baggage we’re dragging along on our journey.

What We Did

Our situation is a good example of how Chi changes – externally, and how we decided to change our personal chi to adapt:

  • We laugh about the crazy weather.
  • We open the windows and turn on the fans.
  • We close the doors/windows and turn on the air conditioner.
  • We talk about it with our new acquaintances – they’re wondering what happened too. Thank goodness, they are too kind to blame us!
  • We’re wondering if this climate will continue.
  • We’re wondering if our move was a mistake.
  • Our ‘Chi’ is changing all the time lately, sometimes hour by hour.
  • We’re learning new ways to see the possibilities in our new world.
  • Life is frustrating, GRRR!

And, after a good night’s sleep we decide…

  • Life is exciting!
  • We haven’t made a mistake – we love our new world.
  • Chi changes

Consider Your Options

Always believe that your Chi can change – if you want it to – if you need it to. And know you can make it happen.

A change can necessitate some soul searching – it can take time – and it may benefit from changing your surroundings.

You can try re-arranging your furniture – it’s a simple thing that can change your thinking.

Try to compromise, to improvise, and to read up-lifting books (like “The Art of Possibility” by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander) to help inspire new ideas and give you confidence that making change is possible and beneficial.

Trust yourself – trust your heart – your life is worth it.



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