Feng Shui Fun Facts and FAQs!

9 Fun Facts about Feng Shui

  1. Adjusting certain doors can stop arguing at home and work.
  2. Wearing specific colors can help you deal with difficult people.
  3. Properly placed mirrors enhance your creativity and help you relax.
  4. Feng Shui adjustments may help you lose weight.
  5. A mirror properly placed in the bedroom can help you expand your vision.
  6. A stove can be adversely affecting your income – and this can be corrected.
  7. Feng Shui can help you attract the right Helpful People to show up in your life.
  8. Bed placement can affect your sleep, and health.
  9. The design of your home can be causing issues for you – aren’t you curious to find out?

9 FAQ’s—situations when Feng Shui can be of help

Q Do I need to buy new furniture for Feng Shui to work?

A Not at all. You may prefer to change your furniture, but it is not necessary to do so. We will talk about what you like, don’t like, what works and doesn’t about what you already own.

I often suggest re-arranging the furniture in your rooms for a number of reasons we will discuss.

If you are interested in changing your furniture we can of course talk about the designing options that best suit your taste, needs and Feng Shui guiding principles.

Q Does Feng Shui help me clear my clutter?

A Yes, definitely. Or maybe I should say most likely. The message in Feng Shui is about allowing energy to flow in your spaces. If you have too much “stuff” in some/many spaces the natural flow of energy will slow down.

This slow down can cause issues for you in many aspects of life. On the other hand a sterile picture-perfect space doesn’t necessarily feel right either. We need a sense of balance – and there’s a lot to discuss about clutter. The good news is we can all come to terms with our ‘clutter style’ and live happily ever after.

Q Can you help me find a new job, partner, and new home?

A A resounding YES! Feng Shui is focused on helping you live well and support you through all aspects of your ever changing life. It’s impossible to describe what specifically I will recommend of course, because each situation is unique to your circumstances.

Q Does it matter what color I paint my bedroom/kitchen/front door?

A Color influences us in ways we most often are not aware of on a conscious level.

Bedroom colors are meant to be relaxing though they need not be boring. Your front door color can help you balance the energies in your neighborhood or bring support from your next door neighbors. Kitchens are often white – as it shows off food, and looks clean – but it can also be too sterile, so adding accents in a wide variety of colors will give your kitchen style and a lively inviting feel.

Choosing the right colors for your spaces is creative, very personal and enormously satisfying.

Q My youngest daughter is running the house – can Feng Shui help us?

A Family harmony can be disrupted by many factors in a home. Design aspects such as room shapes and furniture placement play a part in how comfortable we feel in a space and hence how we behave. The solution may not seem obvious or logical; however these techniques have been successful in the past and can be for your situation too.

QI’m starting a new business at home. I want to be successful. Does it matter how I set up my space?

A Choosing the best place in your home is very important as well as arranging that space to best suit your needs. You need to be in command to lead your business successfully. It is best to create your best space from the start rather than wait to ‘see how things are going’ before you call in a Feng Shui consultant.

Q I’m trying to get ahead at work, or else find a better job. Nothing is working. Can you help?

A Of course Feng Shui can help you. We’ll explore what you have tried and look at a variety of specific Feng Shui ideas that can help you move in the right direction. Everything will be explained and I’ll do a follow up also to see how things are progressing.

Q I’m recently divorced and I’m overwhelmed. Can you do anything to help me?

A Divorce is always difficult. There are so many issues to deal with and adjusting your space to meet your new circumstances will help. Changing your spaces around will also help you discover new ideas and ways to move forward with strength and confidence.

Q I’m starting a new business and I need help designing my space for my office and public spaces. Do I call you before I start or after I have everything arranged so you can check out my work?

A Yes, please call before you begin to design your space.

Actually, it’s best to look for your space with a Feng Shui practitioner to help you avoid any issues that will need to be corrected later.

If you have a space, please call even before you paint. I can also work with contractors and architects to design the spaces to best suit your needs and help with all aspects of work flow and employee and public spaces.

That’s quite a few questions answered here, but what if you have a question that isn’t answered by anything you’ve read on the website?