Inspiration or Clutter

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Clutter, Transcendental

I love inspiring quotes and words of wisdom to lift my spirits and keep me on track. When I find one I love I write it on a post it note or cut it out of a magazine and stick it around my office. Sometimes it goes on my lamp, on a favorite painting and mostly around my computer screen. They say: be calm, exercise, think big, be creative, don’t worry…you’re super woman. They’re reminding me of what “I want to feel and believe” when I’m really feeling tired and running out of steam. That’s the good news.

Clutter Chatter

Here’s the bad news…when there are too many of these notes talking to me from my screen, my lamp, my desktop, I start ignoring them. I can’t even see them. They’re noisy too ….they’re all talking to me at the same time – but I can no longer hear them. They have transformed from inspiration to clutter. And we all know clutter slows down everything in life. Right?

Clutter and Chi

A quick reminder ‘chi’ is a Chinese word that has no direct translation. It has several meanings…life force, cosmic energy, invisible energy. In short ‘chi’ is the universal breath of life itself and it connects everything and is in everything. The goal in Feng Shui is to keep your chi – your life force energy positively moving throughout your body, and surroundings so you can think clearly, be healthy, feel happy, develop supportive relationships and live abundantly.

Easy Adjustment to Help

You don’t need to give up your inspirations completely. I’ve found a way to turn this situation around. Start by taking down all the notes…dust off your computer screen, lamp, desk, wherever you are posting your inspirations. Next, decide which one, only one, inspires you today. Put that one and only that one where you will see it easily.

Put the rest of the notes in your drawer for another day. Be sure to read your one favorite inspiration each day. The next day, or next week change it for another. The variety will continually keep your chi moving helping you feel inspired, refreshed, positive, creative and happy.

Give it a try … it’s easy and empowering.



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