Recognizing Change

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Here’s a (Feng Shui) fact:

Change will occur in our life after we have made modifications to our surroundings.

The same happens when we alter our thinking. And guess what? We may not recognize what has come about as a result of these changes.

It’s true we are taught to set a mental intention to help us reach a goal. Often, once we achieve the goal, we forget about the deliberate efforts we made towards achieving that outcome. This happens all the time with my clients.

Something as simple as re-arranging our furniture – with deliberate mental intention – results in change. And yet my clients often forget what we did to create this change.

For Example

A client was trying to improve her home-based business. She hadn’t considered that the layout of her home office had anything to do with her success or lack thereof.

The office was disorganized; her desk was inadequate for her needs, and not in “Command Position”. She had no filing system. Nothing about her office said “successful business owner works here”.

What We Did

We began by talking about her business and focused on her unique needs and specific responsibilities. Once we clarified her physical needs and her goals, we altered her space to fit.

She felt better. Her head was clear. She knew what she needed to accomplish each day. She was now able to hold client meetings in her renewed office, and eventually, she was able to expand her business outside of her home.

What She Missed

As often happens she didn’t recognize that she had actually brought forth the shift from confusion to focus and success by making the appropriate physical changes to her surroundings. She hadn’t recognized the outcome was influenced by these two important Feng Shui concepts:

  1. Our surroundings greatly influence our effectiveness in all aspects of life – including business.
  2. Understanding this connection of place on our thinking and actions helps us gain strength, flexibility and command of our life.

Reminder for Future Challenges

My client had the ability and power all along to succeed. She simply had to try a new way of solving her problems.

When we take that leap of faith choosing ‘change’ we owe ourselves a pat on the back. We’ve allowed ourselves to expand our world of possibilities.

When other challenges arise remember to say to yourself: “I made this happen and I can do it again!”



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