Clutter Clarity

Organization: it’s something we all long for and all struggle to attain.

Clutter makes us feel stressed, burdened, and anxious. Among the proven benefits of reducing clutter are: having more time, space, energy, clarity, and peace.

We have been led to believe that the solution to our clutter is to place it in totes and boxes and store it away in closets and basements where it is “out of sight, out of mind”.

But this only provides temporary relief… you don’t see it, but you know it is still there, likely creating stress, draining your energy, and causing confusion.

We all have attachments to our possessions. The reasons for what we choose to keep and why we keep these items are as unique as our individual personalities. If you spent a lot of money on an item, you might hate to throw it out because that would feel wasteful. Or, an item could represent a fond memory… perhaps a special trip with a friend. There are many reasons for not wishing to part with excess “stuff”.

It’s okay! Don’t criticize yourself regarding your clutter. Instead, discover your “clutter character” which will help you to deal with it creatively.

I believe in possibilities, change, choices and empowering you to succeed. So, let’s discover your clutter character and revise your outlook about your ‘stuff’. You can shift your outlook and habits. It will of course take focus and effort on your part. Your rewards may include, but are not limited to: engaging in more rewarding and productive activities; greater feelings of utter joy and happiness with yourself; more satisfying relationships in your life; more fun. Etc. etc. etc!