Transform Any Room

At times certain rooms in our home may be ignored by family members as they feel uncomfortable.

Some other rooms attract everyone to the point of overflow.

Some children may sleep well and others not so well, for no apparent reason.

The cook may not be comfortable working in the kitchen and meals are not too interesting or always on the table late.

And recent graduates may be having a really difficult time finding a job in their chosen career.

Each of these scenarios is fairly common and the solution can be found and turned to success with a Feng Shui consultation. These are just a few examples.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Feng Shui promotes tranquility, and relaxation while also stimulating romantic energy.

Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary where positive communication is encouraged and your physical and emotional health are nourished each day.

Unfortunately, since this area of our home is often kept behind closed doors unseen by visitors, it tends to be the most forgotten and neglected room of the home.

Often we use it as a part time office, sewing room, and laundry/ironing area. It’s far better for all aspects of our life if we create a better scene.

Feng Shui Tip 
A strong headboard provides support, strength and safety for couples.

Children’s Bedroom

If children’s bedrooms are too crowded with games, computers, toys, etc. children have a difficult time disengaging from their daily activities.

It can and does affect their learning, personality and happiness.

The placement of the child’s bed is very important to his/her success in school life as well as their health.

Are some children acting out or running the home?

Are they having trouble learning, or perhaps always anxious?

All of these possibilities may be helped with some Feng Shui adjustments.

Feng Shui Tip 
Keep the area under a child’s bed clear.


Our kitchens get a good workout from everyone in the family. Usually one person is in charge of most/all of the cooking and it’s a difficult, time consuming job.

When the kitchen is efficient, well lit, with the stove in command position the cook can more easily prepare tastier/healthier meals. He or she will also feel satisfaction about their culinary job and add to the family’s overall successes.

The kitchen is also a source of abundance in the home, so caring for it should be a priority.

Feng Shui Tip 
The Stove is the key to family prosperity – use all the burners and be sure it is working properly.

Living/Family Room

This room is often where the whole family gathers to relax, watch TV, read, play games and entertain guests.

It can get quite a lot of use trying to be everything to everyone and often gets quite cluttered and crowded.

If this happens it can become the room where arguments break out over small stuff. Why is this happening?

Solutions abound to help this room regain its friendly happy laughing personality. If it’s time to bring the family back together and invite friends over for some fun, and you need some help, I have answers.

Feng Shui TipKeep the seating informal, with areas for both conversation and television. Be sure lighting is sufficient and even throughout the room.


Does your basement house all your “I’ll get to that later projects”?

Well, you could have a lot of expensive real estate lying dormant when you could be using it for fun and recreation. You may want to design spaces for the children and adults.

The possibilities are endless and selling unwanted items is easier today than ever.

Feng Shui TipYou’ll find you use it more often and invite friends over too. You will no longer feel stressed about “the mess” down there when you’re having fun. Why let this valuable real estate go unused?

I could go on but my point is that you need not do a full house Feng Shui consultation when you would like to start with just one room. This is an opportunity to try some Feng Shui energy shifting and see if it suits you. I know you will be pleasantly surprised.