When to Consult

When is it a good time to schedule a Feng Shui consultation?


Well, if you ask a Feng Shui practitioner – almost anytime is a good time!

That’s because Feng Shui works on many levels to create comfort and flexibility in our homes to nurture us through all aspects of life.

So anytime your world feels off track or things aren’t going so well and you can’t find a solution, it’s a good time for a consultation.

Feng Shui can provide innovative ways to resolve vexing issues and provide some self care and personal empowerment.

For instance if you:

  • feel stagnant in your career or personal life
  • experience too much arguing at home
  • are tired of the same old, same old and want to try something new
  • have suffered a personal loss – a partner, or anyone close to you
  • your child is running the house and you want to change the family dynamics
  • want support for children’s needs – room design, clutter, energy flow etc.
  • want to create an organized, productive home office
  • are in transition – divorce, job change – and are in need of support and recognition
  • are selling your home or searching for a new home
  • have clutter, feel overwhelmed and can’t even get started
  • are renovating or re-decorating your home
  • want a new job for yourself, or college grad
  • want to feel more energized
  • find money problems keep popping up unexpectedly
  • want to lose weight but just can’t make it happen
  • need help turning a streak of bad luck around

The reasons are endless…..the solutions will surprise and delight you.

Does anything on this list sound familiar to your situation?

Or perhaps it’s a combination of issues that’s got you confounded, or even bewildered, baffled or bewitched.

To help you decide I offer a free 15 minute conversation to listen and give you more information about the possibilities and benefits of Feng Shui.